An intimate group coaching experience designed to get you the fulfilling life and career you've always dreamed of.

I see you.


You have a dream, a goal, a vision for your life and career.


You want to contribute to something bigger, do work that brings you joy, and have a whole lot more energy to do the things you love.


You want to have all that and make enough money to live a good life


You want to take the big leap and go for it… but something’s holding you back.


Maybe you're afraid that you’ll take the leap and you still won’t be happy.


Maybe you have a hard time seeing what you have to offer in this new role.


Maybe you’re having a hard time getting out there and talking to the folks you need to be talking to.


Maybe it’s hard to identify what the first step is, when there’s so many different paths you can take.


Maybe you’re already so drained from your day job, that adding anything else on top of it seems impossible.


Sound familiar?


I told you, I see you.


I have good news for you:


It’s possible to have a life and career where you have a positive impact, you’re energized to go to work every day, you have work/life balance, and you live in financial abundance.


It’s not elusive.


It’s not difficult.


You just have to create it.


In GET UNSTUCK, I’ll teach you how.

Think about your goals for your life and career for a second. 


In your ideal world, what kind of progress would you make on these goals over the next six weeks?


How would it feel to finally have made the progress you've been wanting? How would it feel to have momentum, and to feel unblocked in chasing after your dreams?


How would that kind of progress change how you feel about your life today?


I created this program because I know that you are so ready to have fulfillment, passion, and excitement in your life - so I created this program to help you jump right in.


We'll spend six weeks together, where I'll be giving you daily support to get out of your own way.  I'll dive deep with you on your unique struggles, and we'll uncover exactly what you need to finally start making progress on your goals.  Sometimes I'll be giving you actionable tools for brainstorming, creativity, and productivity - other times I'll help you rewire the unhelpful stories that are stopping you from taking action. 

At the end of the six weeks, you'll be clear about what you really want, you'll feel more confident about what you bring to the table, you'll be able to speak up, manage your time and energy like a boss, and you'll have made more progress on your goals in six weeks than you likely have in the last six months.


Each week, you'll spend 90 minutes on live group video calls with me and the rest of our intimate Get Unstuck community.  Our community will be small but mighty, which will allow me to do 1:1 coaching live on our calls each week. I'll also give you 1:1 coaching in the private Facebook group every single day.


I've designed each week to have a specific focus, meant to build up exactly what you need to move forward. However, because we are a small group, you never have to worry about being ahead or falling behind - just speak up, and I'll tailor each lesson to your individual needs and the group's needs as a whole.  Whatever you need, you can be sure you'll get it from each session.

Week One: Feel Confident and Clear About What You REALLY Want


Part of what's holding you back right now is that you feel like you just don't know enough about what you want. You wonder if you're aiming too high, or if you should be grateful with what you currently have.  Fear shows up and asks you if you'll be able to make money, or if this will actually make you happy.   


We have to begin by answering these questions for once and for all so that you stop spending time worrying it's not the right thing, and start spending time taking action towards this goal that you feel passionate and confident about.


At the end of this week, you'll be clear about what you want. You'll stop questioning it, and you'll feel confident that it is the right thing for you.



Week Two: Uncover the Right "First Step" to Reach Your Goal


Right now, your goals for your life and career feel so overwhelming that you get paralyzed trying to figure out what the right first step for you.


Figuring out the first step can often feel hard, but it's really, truly simple. You need to learn to break down your overwhelming goals into bite size steps, and you need the push to just start doing, without fear that it's not "right" or "perfect".  I'll teach you all of these, while helping you get rid of the perfectionism, fear, and overthinking that show up so that you can stop thinking, and start doing.


At the end of this week, you’ll have uncovered the first step(s) you need to take to make your goal a reality, and you’ll have taken action towards that first step.


Week Three: Get Rid of Imposter Syndrome + Get Clear on Your Unique Value


You have a clear vision, you know what you need to do, but you’re still unsure of whether or you’re actually qualified to make it happen, or if you have anything worth bringing to the table.


It’s massively important that you see your worth, and for you to feel confident that you are a perfect fit for what you want to do, so that you can stop hiding and start proudly showing up.  This week, I’ll show you how to stop feeling like an imposter and start feeling like an expert in regards to your goals, so that you can finally let yourself shine.


At the end of this week, you’ll know your strengths and values in relation to your goals, and will be practicing shutting down your imposter syndrome in your day to day.  You’ll also continue taking actionable steps forward in achieving your goal.


Week Four: Feel Confident Putting Yourself Out There


I know that putting yourself out there is a big pain point for you.  It's keeping you from talking to the right people, going to the right events, and telling the world everything you have to offer.


We have to get you speaking up, because you can't make your goal happen on your own.  You need the support and buy-in from others - whether it's finding a business partner, or meeting individuals in your new field, or getting new customers...if you're not having the conversations you need to have, you'll never get your dream off the ground.


This week we'll explore why you currently struggle with speaking up, and how to feel more confident putting yourself out there and having the important conversations. We'll do the mindset work together to put your mind at peace when it wants you to stay silent.



At the end of this week, you’ll be challenging yourself to put yourself out there more to advance your goals, and reframing the negative self talk that's been keeping you quiet for too long.



Week Five: Build Your Resilience So That You Keep Going When Things Get Tough


I want you to learn to navigate challenges.  I want you to know how to problem solve instead of giving up, and how to see the beauty in trying even when you fail.  This is truly the most important part of the work - because success is not about getting everything right. It's about getting back up when it's hard.


At this stage, you’ll have spent weeks out in the world making your  goal happen.  Some things will be going well, and some things will be failing.  I'll be spending this session doing pure 1:1 coaching with you and the members of the community, so that you can learn how you uniquely respond to adversity, and how to pick your next step forward when everything goes wrong.


At the end of this week, you'll have a greater clarity around how you respond when things go south, and you'll have tools to respond with resilience and grit. 



Week Six:  Create Your Post-Program Action Plan 


You'll have made so much progress on your goal by this time.  You'll have clarity on your goals, have taken multiple steps towards success, and you'll have a clearer mindset as well!


I want to make sure you don't lose momentum after the group coaching program has ended, so I'll spend this week helping you get really clear on how you can continue the momentum that you’ve created in this program. I'll help you uncover what kind of support you need moving forward, what tools would be helpful, and what structures will keep you focused in your schedule.


At the end of this week, you'll have a solid action plan so that you can self-sufficiently go out into the world and continue achieving your goal.


Bonus Call (Pay in Full Clients): How to Balance Your Time, Energy, & Priorities


Right now, you’re ending the day tired, exhausted, and the best you can do is to turn on Netflix and veg out.  You're craving more balance, energy, and intention in your life.


I want you to not just be achieving your goals - but I want you to feel good doing it.  So this bonus call will focus on understanding where you currently have "leaks" in your time and energy, so that we can make sure you have space for what really matters to you.



6 LIVE 90-minute group calls with Gieselle

  • Tuesdays at 6pm - 7:30pm Pacific/9pm-10:30pm Eastern, beginning on August 27th.

  • All calls will be recorded in case you have to miss one, so you won’t miss the learnings.

  • Show up live, and have the opportunity to be coached by Gieselle.


Weekly Challenges to start executing on your goals in real time!


Private Facebook Group for daily support from Gieselle and others in the group.  All questions, concerns, and celebrations are welcome!


Tools & Resources to help you strategically get clarity around what you want to do, and to help you make tangible steps forward in achieving it. 


Journal Prompts to help you understand your mindset on a deeper level.


One 45 minute 1:1 call at the end of the course - where we’ll tie up any loose ends, answer any lingering questions you have about the work.


Lifetime access to all calls and resources, so that you can always come back to this work and process when you need it.



  • Q: How big will the group be? Who will be in the group?

    A: This will be a small group, likely with 10 individuals or less. The group will be comprised of current clients, referrals from clients, individuals who I have met at my previous workshops, or that I know personally.  They are all respectful, likeminded individuals who share similar goals to you, and who value growth, learning, freedom, and fulfillment.  All community members are asked to keep everything within the group confidential, so that we can maintain a safe, collaborative environment.  Community members are meant to interact with each other - I recommend you all create accountability buddies, friend each other on facebook, etc.  This is not just a class like in college - this is a community.

  • Q: Will I get individualized attention?

    A: Absolutely!  I often tell my group coaching clients that you have MORE access to me than my 1:1 clients!  You’ll have opportunities to get coached live on the calls, and in our private Facebook Group.  Just speak up, and you’ll get the attention you need. 

  • Q: What if I’m really shy and don’t want to share in the group?

    A: All good!  The great thing about focusing on one topic like this is that EVERYONE is going to have similar issues - so if you’re too scared to talk out loud, someone else will certainly ask your question.  I do recommend sharing though - everything in the group is confidential, and if you share then I can give you personalized coaching (and the folks in the group can support you as well!)

  • Q: Not all the modules apply to me. Will I be bored?

    A: You will never be bored in this program! You have access to me for 1:1 coaching on a daily basis in this program, and on the group calls. So, bring up what you need in the moment - and I'll be sure to make sure you are still making progress and getting the coaching support you need. Also, if you feel set on a specific topic, awesome!  Please still join the calls so you can  support and inspire the individuals who are still seeking clarity.

  • Q: What if I have to miss a call?

    A: No worries! All calls and homework will be recorded and posted to your personal membership site within 24 hours of the live call.  You don’t need to be able to join any of the calls live to get the learning and the benefit.

  • Q: I'm too busy now - can I just catch the next one?

    A: I have no idea if I'll be offering this program again in this format, at this price point, or with the same curriculum. If you want to join this program, I'd suggest making time for it this time. Everything will be recorded and you'll have lifetime access to it, so you can always do the learnings later in your own time and see massive impact.

  • Q: What will the group calls look like?

    A:  Each call is 90 minutes long.  We'll spend 15-20 minutes coaching around last week's homework. What went well, what issues that came up? Then I'll spend about 20 minutes teaching on the topic of the day. After that, we spend the next 50 minutes doing  1:1 coaching with individuals who need support to move forward.  At the end of the call, I will assign the group homework based on the topic of the day, in addition to any unique homework assignments that came up for specific individuals.


Hey! I'm Gieselle Allen, and I'm a certified mindset coach for high achievers.


Back in the day, I was where you are. 


I was a reality TV producer.  Yes, you read that right. And yes, it was awesome.


Working in entertainment was all I had ever wanted.  I had gotten my BFA from the best film school in the country, risen up the ranks at all of the best entertainment companies, and my future was so, so bright.  I was that friend that everyone assumed would run a studio someday.


The only problem was… I wasn’t happy.


I knew I wanted to change jobs - but I was scared. Scared that I would change jobs, and still be unhappy with the next thing. I was terrified that I would throw away a career where I could make good money, and end up poor for the rest of my life.  I felt completely unqualified to do anything else, and had no idea how to make my experience seem valuable to anyone in a ‘normal’ job.


So, how did I get out?  I chose to take a leap.  I was okay with making mistakes. I did the wrong thing until I found the right thing. I’m so glad that I did, because now I do my life’s work. I’m simultaneously challenged in my work, and enjoying incredible work/life balance.  I have more energy. I’m growing and I know that I’m maximizing my full potential. I “followed my passion,” and I make good money doing it.


I’m not special - you can do it too.


Since then, I’ve helped individuals across the globe move from “wtf do I do?” to “I’m finally realizing my full potential.” My clients have started and scaled businesses, written books, gotten promotions at international corporations, found the job of their dreams, and the list goes on.


It’s time for you to join our club.


P.S. If you’re reading this and thinking, “Gieselle did that, but I can’t and here’s all the reasons why…..”


That voice is wrong. And don’t worry, I know that voice well - I’ll help you get rid of it.





​ Gieselle helped me make strides in my life’s purpose and mission.  I launched Veneka, a capsule wardrobe styling service featuring sustainable and ethical brands, with her coaching as a secret weapon. Gieselle won’t give popular time management techniques or repeat motivational phrases, she’ll help you understand the issues barring you from managing your life. Gieselle is a rare and special human being. When working with her, expect to grow in ways you never thought possible. 

Shivika Sinha, CEO and Founder of Veneka

"I was surprised by how natural it felt to open up to Gieselle and talk about some deep personal fears that were holding me back in my career. I never felt judged and felt like I had a true partner in crafting what I wanted to achieve.  Gieselle consistently challenged me on what I was saying about myself, and now I feel like I have better ways of telling when I'm being too hard on myself and not recognizing my unique contributions. As a result of our work together, I have stronger self-confidence, a toolkit to recognize my own successes, and I see the whole picture of myself.  I highly recommend Gieselle to anyone who is looking to achieve their goals and bring out their authentic self."

Janet, Administrative Business Partner

​I initially started working with Gieselle after I was laid off in order to get some support with my job search. She helped me transform my narrow view of the situation into a chance to reconsider what was really important to me, and find a job that fit within my values. She made me realize that I'm not just building a career, I'm building a life. She is a gifted intuitive and balances being frank and warm. Thanks to Gieselle, I'm now in a new job that's more aligned with my goals, and I'm going to be approaching it differently.

Kathy, Content Strategist

"Before working with Gieselle, I struggled with managing my goals and aspirations.  The overwhelm I experienced kept me grounded in fear. Every week, we broke down the work and all of the emotions surrounding it. Working with Gieselle allowed me to create more space for myself, slow down, connect with my work and live as my most authentic self. She empowered me with the tools and guidance to regain control even when I'm feeling out of control. After working with Gieselle, I am more resilient, vulnerable, brave, playful and present no matter where I am. 

Samantha Nguyen, Writer

In three months, I was able to make progress on things that had been blocking me for a long time. I managed to onboard in my new role successfully, and get over some fears I had around speaking in large meetings or doing things outside of my direct scope. I also improved my relationship with my reports and my manager. On a personal level, I learned to manage my stress, focus on my priorities, improve my relationship with my partner, get a house and put some order in my life. During our sessions, Gieselle helped me discover that I have the answers to make the right decisions for myself, which has truly helped me grow.  I learned a lot about myself through these sessions, and I also had a lot of fun. I hope to work with Gieselle again next year!

Sara, Engineering Manager


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Right now, you’re ending the day tired, exhausted, and the best you can do at the end of the day is to turn on Netflix and veg out.  On this call, I’ll teach you actionable tools and exercises you can do to start cleaning up the “energy leaks” in your life, so that you can start living a joyful and more energetic life today.


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